Hi, I'm Bo

I’m the founder of Bonésse - Australian made skincare with a European touch.

I grew up in Bulgaria - the land of roses and lavender - where our way of life is very much Mediterranean - think olive oil, fresh herbs and vegetables, very little processed food. My grandmother was my inspiration. She always looked and felt well, even as she aged, and treated everything with olive oil!

Helping women to look and feel good was important to me, and I became a developer in the skincare ingredients industry, researching and formulating the best solutions for women to use on their skin.

After 17 years in the corporate world I moved to Australia in 2016 to reunite with my partner, now husband. I spent another 2 years in the skincare ingredients industry in Australia before deciding to do what I love – educate women about skincare, lifestyle and how to feel good. For all those years I had seen what women look for – simple and affordable skincare that works and that will make them feel good in their own skin, for their age.

Living in Australia I thought the sun, fresh air and Aussie climate would be a relaxing change. My body, however, didn’t like the change of diet and reacted in a drastic way. My skin became dull and lifeless, and I was tired and lethargic all the time, and a bit snappy with my family! Much as I loved the Australian climate I soon realised that my body missed the Mediterranean way of eating. I needed to go back to basics, to the way of eating I knew, to heal myself

This experience inspired me to create a range of skincare products based on the idea of the Mediterranean diet – healthy within and beautiful outside. I combined old and traditional remedies – the ones my grandmother used – with new scientific technologies to achieve safe and clean products based on plant extracts, oils, floral waters, probiotics. All sustainably harvested, scientifically developed and formulated with love.

Having been trained in the best skincare ingredients laboratories in the world, I’m passionate about creating simple products that work. I know which skincare ingredients truly work and which ones don’t, and I know what women want from their skincare regime - a simple and easy routine that leaves their skin feeling soft and smooth.

And, as a working mother, I wanted to create a product that busy women would love.

Traveling the world and exploring food, customs, fashion and culture, I love to embrace all that life has to offer. I’ve brought this philosophy to Bonesse, developing accessible, simple and easy skincare for women, so they can enjoy more of life. I call it my 3 minute skin care regime – no fuss, no stress, no need to carry a bunch of products with you and no need to spend a fortune.

Bonésse is for busy women of all ages, who want to feel good in their own skin and who care about the skincare products they use.

Enjoy your journey with me through the wisdom and the beauty of the Mediterranean culture, travel with me around the world and share the good vibes of self care and wellbeing that is Bonésse.

And remember: your best age is now!

Love Bo