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Embracing the essence of the Mediterranean: A pro-ageing philosophy by Bonésse

At Bonésse, our inspiration is drawn from the timeless beauty of the Mediterranean – a region synonymous with vitality, health, and the art of celebrating life in every season. Our philosophy is not to defy the natural aging process, for it is as essential and beautiful as the shifting Mediterranean tides. Instead, we focus on nurturing the skin, empowering its journey through time, and ensuring it reflects your best side at every age. We believe that ageing is not a condition to be reversed but a dynamic process to be embraced with grace and vigour. Like the ancient olive groves standing proud under the sun, weathered yet ever so fruitful, our skin tells a story of resilience and splendour. Bonésse’s range of skincare is crafted to honor this narrative, infusing the skin with the region’s natural abundance, for a complexion that blooms with life’s experiences. Our products are a testament to the Mediterranean’s rich botanical heritage, formulated with the purest ingredients like olive oil, pomegranate extracts, and sea minerals that have graced beauty rituals for centuries. We blend tradition with innovation, offering solutions that cater to the skin’s evolving needs, ensuring that at every decade, your skin feels as nourished as it does beside the calming Mediterranean waves.

Let's journey together, not to turn back time, but to make every moment your skin lives through as enriching as the Mediterranean legacy we cherish. Join Bonésse in honouring the beauty of ageing with skin that glows with wisdom, warmth, and the whispered secrets of the sea.


What type of skin is Bonésse suitable for?
With Bonésse, step into a world where your skin, whether normal or graced with oiliness, finds its sanctuary. It's where the alchemy of nature meets the innovation of science to create a skincare symphony that resonates with everyone.

Who is the range designed for?
Bonésse is not just suitable; it is essential, an empowering elixir for all who seek to amplify their skin's natural beauty with the wisdom of the Mediterranean.

What is the best product to start off with?
The Balancing Micellar Cleanser. Cleansing is the first and most important step towards a good skin.

Simple skincare for spectacular skin

Experience the Bonésse range's airless packaging, designed to safeguard the integrity of the formula by preventing external air from entering and causing oxidation of ingredients.

  • Micellar Balancing Cleanser

    Mild and gentle on the skin, our Balancing Micellar Cleanser is Step 1 of the essential skincare regime.

    Use morning and evening on a damp face.

    Ideal for daily cleansing, as well as make up removal.

    Removes impurities, sebum and make up thanks to the micelles formed by capturing them and purifying the skin.

    Ideal for acne prone and blemished skin.

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  • Hydro-Soothing Toner Mist

    Step 2 of the essential skincare regime.

    Apply after the Balancing Micellar Cleanser.

    Helps to bring back the skin optimal pH (for sensitive skin).

    Hydrates and improves the absorbing of the Face Shield Serum and the Anti-oxidant lifting cream.

    Calms and soothes sensitive and blemished skin, keeping it soft and hydrated long term.

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  • Face Shield Serum

    Step 3 of the essential skincare regime.

    Two products in one - face and eye serum.

    An aqueous light gel texture to be applied after the Balancing Micellar Cleanser, and the Hydro-soothing Toner Mist.

    Suitable for all skin types
    ideal for combination or oily skin.

    Fragrance free, which makes it perfect for the eye contour.

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  • Anti-Oxidant Lifting Day & Night Cream

    Step 4 of the essential skin care regime.

    Apply after the Balancing Micellar Cleanser, Hydro-soothing Toner Mist,and Face Shield Serum.

    It supplies your skin with the moisture it needs for 24 hours.

    Has a lifting effect on fine lines and wrinkles.

    Has a pleasing light jasmine fragrance.

    Can be used as a base under makeup.

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