What is slow beauty and why we love it.

What is slow beauty and why we love it.

This blog will resonate more with my personal experience, rather than hear say theories and opinions about beauty and lifestyle. Slow beauty is a trend I didn't know about, and discovered it after I created my brand, it just collided with my approach to life and beauty. What is slow beauty? It is practically taking everything slow - from living your everyday life to your skin care routine. Thinking about beauty in a much broader way than just using products - a good diet, quality sleep, less or no stress, exercising (dance or yoga) + good skin care product - all this is a key to healthy and beautiful skin. You shouldn't expect to see skin benefits immediately, as the approach is to maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle, which will deliver a slow and sustained benefit to your skin, and overall sense of wellbeing. This is how see it. And it works! If you have the patience and commitment, the results are more than great!

Slow beauty is also making sure your beauty choices are sustainable and ethical - recycle when you can, choosing cruelty free ingredients, and what is more important: buy less possible. I think that less product on your face is always more! Buy less, buy better, buy local! You do not need a whole arsenal of lotions and potions. Less products = less packaging = less landfill waste.

Another aspect of slow beauty is mindfulness + connection to self. One thing that the pandemic has given us is the chance to slow down with everything. People discover the pleasure of having lot more time for themselves, taking their time to reconnect with their inner self. I believe in mindfulness - just take a moment to yourself to de-stress. you can choose from many of the tips for home spa or selfcare and slow beauty routines. It is proven (mostly during lockdowns) that beauty (including bathing) routines decrease the levels of anxiety. I call it "Me time". Again – a personal opinion based on my experience – moving to a different continent from Europe and the Mediterranean approach to life. With zero or less stress, no rush (watch is not our best friend accessory), enjoy the small things and enjoy yourself.  



"I find it a lot healthier for me to be some place where I can go outside in my bare feet" James Taylor

The importance of immersing in Nature – there are numerous benefits from connecting to the nature: such as reducing the stress-producing hormone cortisol, inflammation, and muscle tension; improving sleep; and increasing energy. We spend more and more time in front of devices and screens, which is very alarming. There is a Nielsen study showing that adults spend over ten hours per day in front of a screen, and this number is growing. Have you tried to walk bare feet on the grass? It is simply therapeutic; you will be surprised how much better you will feel.


On some point of our life, we all need to slow down – even if we don’t want it, our age will make us do it. And it is totally OK. Mediterranean people are a great example of how life should be approached – having a coffee for 3 hours in the local café with people you know is not being lazy. It is enjoying every moment of life, without looking at your watch all the time, and being mindful of every moment of life. Connecting to people and socializing on everyday base is essential for our mental wellbeing, the sense of belonging to group of people or community is proven to be one of the reasons for the longevity Mediterranean people have. The stress-free lifestyle is what I miss the most. There is a saying that stress is the new cancer and I believe it.

At Bonésse we advocate for a slow approach to beauty and life, for embracing ageing as something natural and inevitable, and for feeling good in your own skin at any age. To be mindful rather than mind full, by taking time to decompress and connect to our inner self. It is very simple – we should learn to take a break and say no more often.