Five beauty secrets Italian women know to be true.

Five beauty secrets Italian women know to be true.

Big part of my beauty “education” (besides the cosmetic laboratories) I got in Italy, while I was living there as a new mum after a baby birth. When I say education, I am far from schools and beauty academies, all the hacks that Sicilian women use to look young and healthy longer, I learned from nonnas and women working in…. pharmacies. Yep, ordinary working, or looking after the family women, who do not spend a fortune on creams, serums and masks, but following a healthy lifestyle, which results in beauty. Like everything in the Mediterranean, also the approach to beauty is very simple and unpretentious – they just look and feel good in their own skin. This is the ultimate achievement that we as a society can long for – feeling good in your own skin, without being a slave of unrealistic expectations and images from TV and social media. Everyone can do what Mediterranean women do, just you need to make it habit and have patience. So:

          1. A colorful diet - they say, skin is a window to your gut, and a healthy gut shows up in clear skin. Italians eat real food, locally produced and homecooked every day. They don’t stay away from pasta and pizza – BUT in a moderate way. Olive oil is the must, it goes everywhere – from the food to the skin and hair, very similar to Greek women. Italian women eat absolutely everything, no diets at all. The secret is moderation. This inevitably will lead to flawless skin and luscious hair.

          2. A healthy dose of sunshine – like food healthy moderation is the key here. Even in the hottest month of August, Italians enjoy the sunshine, BUT with rigorous rule to avoid it between noon and 4pm. No tanning beds in Italy, just wear lots of sunscreen and protect your head and eyes with a chic hat and sunglasses.


       3.The “less is more” approach – when it comes to make up, this is what we can learn from Italian women – it is very simple and low maintenance one. And beauty is not necessarily about what makes you look good, but rather what makes you feel good. They keep their make up simple, but signature perfume and lipstick are must-haves. They have the “leave your brows alone” rule – how is that? All you need is a good moisturizer and 10 to 15 minutes in front of the mirror and via!

       4.Taking time to take the stress off – very very important one, leaning on the Mediterranean lifestyle, where stress is unknown. Life is lived and taken slowly and with pleasure, no rush, no hustle and very often no watch on the wrist. Keeping the worries away will keep your wrinkles away too. And what a better way to do this than a glass of wine – again moderation is the key here – a glass of wine after work or taking a full hour for a lunch break, taking a moment to relax and slow down. This is the secret to ageing slowly, I guess. This is also what I took with me after 6 years in Sicily, and completely lost it after 6 years in Australia. The doctor told me: “go back to your poor Mediterranean diet and lifestyle”.

        5. La bella figura – or translated it is “the beautiful figure”. Bella figura is about taking special care in presentation and behaviour, being a lady is everything. Too keep your body physically fit take the stairs, go for a walk after dinner, or walk in general skipping the car. Moving is the key to longevity – working on the field, working at home looking after the family, all this is a good exercise. Italians do not commit to a gym membership, they enjoy moving on fresh air and sunshine, sea breeze or walk in the mountain. La bella figura is also about making a good impression and how you interact with people with kindness, generosity and a feeling of being comfortable in your own skin. Trends come and go, but this one lasts forever.


 I hope everyone can take at least one thing from the Italian women’s philosophy on how life and ageing should be embraced. Me, personally I took many things away and somehow incorporated them in my skin care range – the simple approach to beauty, the fruit and veggies from the Mediterranean table and the attitude of feel good in your own skin at any age. The feeling good vibe should never leave us, and that's what it's all about– enjoying life and ourselves as much long as possible.  Peace of mind when we age is important. As my grandma used to say: “You better age like a cathedral, rather than like a shoe”