Fear-mongering market, let’s stop it!

Fear-mongering market, let’s stop it!

Before I start this blog, let me precise something – I am a fan of Mother Nature and natural cosmetics. But I am also even a bigger fan of facts and science. I trust science. And when it comes to some of the alarmist claims that mostly skin care brands make, facts will always prevail over fear-mongering. Like a quote I saw on Instagram:  "Chemicals in skin-care products take just 26 seconds to absorb into your bloodstream." How this can possibly be true?

Personal care and beauty market have been flooded by "free from" advertising and marketing, putting the consumer in a feared and scared position, rather than educate and inform about what is it in the product. “Free from chemicals” is scientifically impossible, as your body and your skin included is made up of chemicals. A simple banana is full of chemicals, not all of them good, but it is still considered good and natural.

Parabens, silicones, sulphates have fallen victims of unsubstantiated Internet scare tactics, creating chemophobia in the consumers. Formulators know very well that parabens are hell of a good preservatives, they maintain a safe and healthy formulation/product.  Another misinformed product are the silicones. Again, there is no data that silicones clog pores and are harmful for your skin. On contrary – silicones act like a band aid, creating a buffer between the skin and the environment and helping to repair skin with a condition or issue.

There is also a different side of the story - limiting your choice in using only natural, organic or "clean" ingredients may (and will) affect the performance and the stability of your product. In the end the consumers would go for a product that performs better and deliver better sensorial and other qualities. There are a lot of stigmas around using many ingredients that more than fine for your skin and hair, it is the lack of information and education that is having a bad impact on it. So let's inform the consumer WHAT IS IN THE PRODUCT rather than playing on the fear and scare side of their psychology.

I spent 19 years in the cosmetic ingredients industry, and have been trained in the best cosmetic laboratories in Europe and I can say I have seen how different ingredients are developed and how much dedicated work stays behind every chemical or extract.  I will continue to inform my customers about what is good and "bad" for them, without planting the fear and "free from" seeds. I really hope that after EU, Australia will also adopt the free from cosmetic claims guidance asap. Selling skin care products, playing on the very sensitive nerve of not being safe is wrong and manipulating. This should stop.


With the boom of the chemophobia and fear surrounding some cosmetic ingredients, formulators and consumers are getting frustrated. The only way to fight back this, is to educate by highlighting research-backed claims, and the years of work in the laboratories of the people with the white shirts.

Bonésse Skincare is based on trusted and safe cosmetic chemistry, formulated with non-toxic ingredients, absolutely safe for the skin, and at the same time guaranteeing the good performance and stability of the products. We have used mainly plant based ingredients, combined with some new achievements of the modern cosmetic chemistry. I didn’t want it to be 100% natural as I do not believe that this type of products is stable enough and have good sensorial feeling and good performance. During the Bonésse journey I will talk about ingredients and educate how to not fear of chemicals. One of my aims is to educate as much as possible people, so they can feel safe taking care of their skin. To find out more about our ingredients, go to the products page and explore.