Beauty standards we should leave behind

Beauty standards we should leave behind

The latest beauty standards statistics shows that 56% of the women are not satisfied with their overall appearance. This is terrible. More than half of the female population lives in a constant discomfort and unhappiness because they don’t like the way they look. This is not just a number – it is a mirror of the global situation – a constant pressure on women by social media, aesthetic specialists, celebrities promoting homogenous beauty stereotypes. Instead of celebrating uniqueness and being authentic – two very powerful features that humans have. Another statistic – 5 in 10 young girls in US feel pressured to be “beautiful”. And if they do not succeed to comply with this standard their self-esteem gets damaged or destroyed. It is high time, we did something. We – the people from the beauty industry – everyone who is involved in production, marketing, education, everyone must start to promote real stereotypes and concepts when it comes to beauty. Beauty is very subjective and unique, that I do not believe people should put it in a frame, or in standards. Being yourself is probably the most beautiful and powerful thing that we have. Here are some of the most absurd ones (according to me): 

  1. Beauty Standard: Ageless skin. Naturally and physically impossible, so why not be realistic and live our life and age properly, with peace of mind and smile on our face! This is number one myth/standards we should leave behind. Why? Because it is unrealistic and has created millions of negative body images in young girls and mature women. The psychosis around ageing has become dangerous in the last few years. Ageing has become shameful and this has not led to anything positive. So welcome to 2024 – it's high time we celebrated our uniqueness and let go of those outdated, unrealistic standards that have been holding us back for way too long! Whether it's flaunting our natural selves, embracing imperfections, or rejoicing in the beauty of aging, at Bonésse, we're all about championing diversity and celebrating every form of beauty. We advocate to feel good in your own skin at any age. It is possible, how?

Solution: Celebrating and caring for the aging process. Embrace your body and mind, without thinking about the number of years. Start to take care of your skin at young age, maintaining it clean, hydrated and healthy and when arrived at my age (48!) you will look and feel younger, trust me! Your skin will thank you for all these years of good care and love you have shown. Our two best sellers: the Face Shield Serum and the Anti-oxidant Lifting Day&Night Cream are the way to go – it will not make you look like you were 20 year old, but will protect, nourish and preserve your skin as you age. Both products are packed with antioxidants, which are the most powerful weapon against skin’s weakening. They come also in a bundle called The Age Well Duo, so take care of your skin rather than be ashamed of it, it is so old fashioned!

 2. Beauty standard: Glass skin. Oh Gosh, this one is uncomprehensive. Me, coming from the Mediterranean, I have troubles understanding and accepting this “trend”. It has become popular from the Korean beauty movement and shows exactly what does not exist in Nature - having an ultra-smooth, even texture with no visible pores, hair, variation in tone, blemishes, or scars. Practically no life. In order to achieve this insanity, many women started to over exfoliate, over peel and using harsh whitening agents. The result – damaged skin at age of 25!

Solution: ACCEPT YOUR SKIN HAS TEXTURE, PORES, REDNESS AND BLEMISHES and focus on long-term care for the health of your skin. Every skin is unique, so look for YOUR products, and YOUR routine not for something that has been advertised for millions of women. Look for products that go deeper in the skin, rather than working only in the surface. Our range contains carefully selected botanicals and vitamins, that go into the deeper layers of the skin, like Niacinamide, Resveratrol, Vitamin F, olive leaf extract, rose hip fruit extract, yogurt and many more. Simply jump on the products section and you will find the full description of our ingredients.

3. Beauty standard: You need a 12-step skincare routine and one hour in front of the mirror. Who has one hour free time nowadays to apply skincare products? Nobody. Instead of work hard, work smart! In 2024 and so many multitasking products on the market, there is no excuse to waste time in your bathroom. Multitasking does not mean less efficient – not at all – it means someone created a product that will save your money, time and will make you produce less rubbish finishing in the landfill.


Solution: And here we come – four step skincare routine, and the four products are not mandatory. You may apply only three – cleanser, toner and moisturizer – 3 minutes job. I paired our products in bundles – very practical and convenient way to look after your skin without compromising the quality of what and how much you supply to the skin daily. All busy working and staying home women can party now – choose between The Age Well Duo – serum and moisturizer on the go; The Cleanse and Refreshing Duo – cleanse, tone and go! The Quick Fix – if you have no time to wash your face (which cannot happen in my world) spray some toner mist and apply the moisturizer. I believe in the minimalistic approach with maximum results. That’s why I created a 4-step skincare routine, more than enough to feel and look fabulous in your own skin.

4. Beauty standard: Make up as a mask. Especially young girls, please please please, do not apply few kilograms of make up on your face, simply because you do not need it! Perceiving make up as a mask to your natural appearance is wrong. Makeup isn't just about covering up; it's a fun and expressive way to showcase your creativity and enhance your natural features! It's like having a paintbrush for your face, allowing you to play, experiment, and truly be yourself. Embracing makeup as an art form is all about celebrating your uniqueness and boosting your confidence.

Solution: It's all about embracing who we truly are and questioning those unrealistic beauty norms that the media sometimes promotes. Remember, those images are heavily edited and far from reality. Understanding this helps us accept ourselves just the way we are. By celebrating authenticity and our unique imperfections, we can redefine beauty on our own terms, making it a more inclusive and positive experience for everyone. And also talk, talk and …talk to the young boys and girls, who are victims to this wave of fake images of fake beautiful and happy people.

In conclusion: Age ain't nothing but a number: Wrinkles? Gray hair? Bring 'em on! Age is something to be celebrated, not hidden away. Let's show some love to the wisdom and experience that come with each passing year. Perfection is boring – let's get real: say goodbye to those airbrushed magazine covers! Imperfections? They're what make us unique and beautiful. It's time to embrace our quirks and flaws – they're what make us. So, what's the bottom line? It's time to rewrite the rules of beauty. Let's celebrate diversity, embrace authenticity, and spread a little more love and kindness – because that's what true beauty is all about. Are you with us? Let's do this!